Mindy Hylton

Deaconness Mindy Hylton

I have been serving as a Minister for about 1 and a half years in RCCG Dominion
Cathedral. I have grown as a Christian since the Lord arrested me here at Dominion
Cathedral for not giving him my all. Since rededicating my life and my service to him, I
have reaped many harvests and experienced many Joys.
I am in charge of the Hospitality and Follow Up Department as well as the Bookstore
and Care Group. My personal vision is to allow myself to be used wherever the Lord may
need me, and march forward in doing my part in building Christ's church, helping
whoever may ask along the way. I hold a Degree in Biomedical Engineering and I am a
Certified Allied Professional - Cardiac Device Specialist for Implantable Pacemakers and
Defibrillators. I am blessed by God to currently work at Medtronic Inc, The largest
medical device company worldwide. I am even more blessed to have found and be
married to my soul mate, NevdonHylton. The Lord has answered our prayers and added
to our joy with Daughter, Eliana Grace Hylton.
I love spending quality time with my family, and being able to be a blessing for others.
I pray that the Lord will continue to use me as I surrender the gifts and talents he has endowed me with, to be used for His work. God bless you.