Funmi Olanusi

Deaconness Funmi Olanusi

Funmi Olanusi is the minister in charge of victory choir and the sanctuary keepers. She
has been singing in the choir for over18 yrs. and has been in the leadership role for
over 12yrs now, she has been the minister in charge of the 2 departments for 2yrs.
Her vision is to see victory choir get to a new level of a higher worship with
God, leading people into His presences as Levites and psalmist of the most high
GOD and also to encourage people that are gifted in this area to use their talents to
bless GOD and become who God wants them to be in ministry by fulfilling God's divine
The vision of the sanctuary keepers is to make sure that the house of the Lord is clean,
tidy and beautiful at all times.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and is currently pursuing her
second degree. She loves to cook and enjoys traveling. She is married to Deacon Daniel
Olanusi and their union is blessed with a son.