Adewole Adegbonmire

Deacon Dewole Adegbonmire

Deacon Wole joined the church in 2004. By God's divine grace, he primarily serves in
three areas:
1. Music Ministry - a musician since the age of 12, Min. Wole directs the local choir as
well as RCCGNA's national young adult choir. He once directed the national choir for
Winner's Chapel Ministry during its 2010 convention. Min. Wole is very passionate
about delivering God's Word through music and helping people develop their musical
2. Young Adults Ministry - Dcn. Wole promotes programs that meet the needs of today's
young adults. He played crucial roles in starting local programs such as Dominion
Olympics, Valentine's Day formal, Cornerstone Lock-In and quarterly Breakfast Prayer
Meeting. He served as the YA president for a few years and now advises the current
executives. He still serves as the Singles coordinator for Zone NJ2 and is a key member
of the planning team for the annual Young Adult national conventions.
3. Youth Ministry - Min. Wole teaches God's Word to the youth, encourages healthy
Bible/Prayer habits, counsels discouraged teens and promotes talent expression
(singing, stepping, playing instruments, dancing, etc). Min Wole also does SAT tutoring
and arranges college trips for the church youth. As he would always say, "I pray my
youth are greater than me, at each respective milestone in life. It means I did a good
A graduate of Penn State (Finance), Min. Wole is an Financial Analyst in a Fortune-500 

firm. He maintains a 4.0gpa (M.S., Mgmt., NJIT, Spr12). He is pursuing his Chartered
Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and hopes to begin his MBA in Fall 2012. He enjoys
playing the saxophone and watching ESPN Sportscenter.