Time of Favour

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Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye
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This book explains why the best human efforts still fail. It shows why the most unlikely candidates for success emerge on top. The author writes that the time of God s favour is the most important in the entire span of a man s life. One day of favour is better than a thousand days of labour without favour from above. Pastor E. A. Adeboye explores the mysteries of divine favour with great incisiveness, pointing out that God s favour, not human ability, is what differentiates success from failure and the rich from the poor. In this book, you will discover to your amazement: What favour means Why people miss God s favour How to key into the time of God s favour The unlimited success achievable through God s favour Inability to discern the time of God s favour is the bane of fulfillment in many lives, then he shows convincingly that the time of God s favour is not far from those who can discern it. How do you find the time of God s favour? That is why you must read this book.

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RCCG Dominion Cathedral Library

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